Designing the Castle

I've been trying to build a castle in Blender 3d for as long as I've been working with Blender - about 10 years. I've made hundreds of attempts, some more successful than others, but there's always been something preventing me from completing anything on  a grand scale. A few months ago, something clicked. I finally figured out exactly how I'd do it. I'd been thinking of modular construction as "Square Tower", "Round Tower", "Wall 1" etc., but using the elements always yielded the same result of course. I needed to go smaller. One single unit, with variations. I created a 9' x 9' x 1.5' wall. A nice, beefy wall suitable for a castle. Then I poked a hole in it and made a window. Then a door. Then it all just fell into place. Everything is 9' tall. Or 18' tall.

My Approach

Approach text


I encountered some limitations as I designed the base set, chief among them the need for geometrically perfect blocks. In order for