Foundation Set

A Modular castle, dungeon and Medieval building kit for Blender 3d.

Find a hill and raise your fortress, or dig a pit and drop your dungeon.  The useage examples are but a few of many configurations possible with the 29 unique blocks included.  As an avid gamer, I imagined myself playing in the world I was creating, and created elements I'd want to interact with.


  • Modular construction using Blender's vertex snapping system, tiling geometry and array mods.
  • Set creates exterior and interior structures of castles, fortresses, dungeons and fantasy game environments.
  • Available expansion packs extend the set, and add features such as round towers, gothic vaulting,  castle doors, hardware, medieval furniture & props.
  • All blocks real-world scaled to work with average human proportions. All doors, windows and steps are correctly scaled and placed.
  • Low poly: created with game designers in mind.
  • 29 unique blocks make it easy to create non-repetitive game levels.
  • Easy to edit. Nothing is baked.
  • Based on a 9' x 9' x 9' 3d grid.

OpenGL Renders

Blocks Included

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