User gallery. Have an image or animation you've created with a Castle Builder 3d set?  Images can be any size you like, but if you think you've got a great banner image, make it 1920 x 1080 px. Send me a link here. If I use your image, I'll give you a link.

I've gotten a lot of requests to use these images. To clarify, you may not use any of the images on this site for any reason, even if you've purchased any of the sets. You may only use the images to link back to this site, without taking any credit for the images. In short, go play, build a castle and render better, bigger images. These are just screen shots. I'm happy to help with anything concerning the 3d content or the textures. 


Stills from the independent film "Thyatira, Bride and the Dragon" by Blue Wolf Cinema. Click for larger images.

Screen shots of the game "Elpis" currently under development in Blender 3d by Nycholas Weissberg (Nweissberg on Blender Artists). Visit the games BA thread here.

Images I created as I developed the set.