Architecture Expansion Packs

Use these architectural expansion packs with any Castle Builder 3d set. Browse all current Castle Builder 3d products by visiting my Turbosquid store.

Grand Staircase

This modular grand staircase is 9' tall (1 standard story), and 9' wide. Use it with or without the landing. All parts are separate, and may be used in many ways to achieve a variety of effects. The third image shows the stairs used with an arched door from the Foundation Set.


  • Designed to work perfectly with all Castle Builder 3d sets.
  • Modular, parts are separate.
  • When joined, 2 Plinths + 1 Ballustrade  = 9' wide (fourth image).


  • Plinth
  • Baluster
  • Steps
  • Landing
  • Handrails (angled and straight)


Round Towers

Expansion set coming soon.

Easily create a wide variety of round & "D" shaped towers with internal or external steps. Towers connect to curtain wall via the connector block. Wall heights are three standard blocks, or 27 feet, and connect to the towers on the third floor. The towers shown here are examples, and thought the set comes with the towers assembled as shown, any type of tower configuration may be created with the modular blocks and steps.


  • Designed to work perfectly with all Castle Builder 3d sets.
  • Feature 2

Blocks Included

  • Standard walls
  • Passage walls
  • Arched door
  • Arched window
  • Arrow loops
  • Curved crenelations or battlements with and without arrow loops
  • Wooden steps
  • Curved stone steps
  • Blocks to create a stair tower of any height
  • Wood floors with joists
  • Corbels
  • Assorted railings 

Blender Internal Renders

OpenGL renders in the Blender Game Engine

Arched Vaulting

Expansion set coming soon.

The arched vaulting set is 18' tall, or (2) 9' foundation set stories tall. It connects to the foundation set via a connector block, which allows for the insertion of any 9' block, such as a door. Use this set to build your great hall or gate house hall.


  • Designed to work perfectly with all Castle Builder 3d sets


DEfensive Structure

This castle defensive structure was placed above doors or other places enemies would be likely to assault. It allowed defenders to look straight down on unwelcome guests, and drop rocks etc o their heads, via holes in the floor.  Access the room via a standard 9' x 9' arched door block, included. Wall blocks surrounding the structure are included, but are for illustartion purposes only. You'd place one or more of these structures at key points on your gatehouse or tower. It essentially allows defenders to be relatively protected and see what's happening right below them. 


  • Designed to work perfectly with all Castle Builder 3d sets.
  • Can be used with any standard door in the Foundation set.
  • Easy to edit.
  • High resolution, tileable textures included.

Ladders & Walkways

A set of wooden ladders, steps, walkways & improvised wood bridges designed to work perfectly with all Castle Builder 3d sets.


  • High resolution, tileable textures in PNG format
  • Diffuse, normal and adjustable grunge maps included, nothing is baked, so adjustment is simple.
  • Designed to fit standard 9' x 9' blocks

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